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    habe eben gehört, dass es jetzt erlaubt sein soll, dass man im Flieger das Handy benutzen darf. Ist das richtig??? Weiß jemand, ob das bei der British Airways erlaubt ist?

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    ...lt. BA ist das telefonieren nicht erlaubt:

    @british-airways sagte:

    At present, there are no restrictions on carrying hand held electronic games and personal radio or CD players etc. on-board British Airways flights, although we do recommend that all passengers keep hand baggage to a minimum.

    Portable telephones and other electronic equipment such as games and computers may interfere with the aircraft systems and must be switched off during take-off, approach and landing.

    Portable telephones or any other device that transmits data must remain switched-off whilst the aircraft is in flight.

    However, there are some exceptions:

    Devices adhering to the Bluetooth standard, except telephones, may be used during flight but must be switched off during take-off, approach and landing. e.g. wireless headsets that use a blue tooth connection to a PC.

    Devices which have a specific "flight mode" or "flight safe" setting, e.g. some Smartphones and newer Blackberry devices, may be used in flight provided the flight safe mode is selected. These devices must be completely switched off during take-off, approach and landing.

    Some older Blackberry devices cannot be used on-board our aircraft due to safety reasons. Essentially this is due to the fact that these devices 'hunt' for a GSM signal to upload/download data.

    If your Blackberry does not have a flight safe mode, also called 'wireless off' mode, then it must be switched off for the duration of the flight.

    The use of Wireless LAN (WLAN) is currently not permitted on BA aircraft.

    Laptops with built-in WLAN (e.g. Centrino) may be used during flight, provided the WLAN is turned off.

    All laptops must be switched off during take-off, approach and landing.

    Electronic games, iPods, iPaqs, small radios, tape and disc players, miniature television receivers, GPS receivers and similar entertainment equipment have negligible effect on aircraft systems and may be used during flight, but must be switched off during take-off, approach and landing.

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    <> habe ich was für Dich, ist aus der Rheinischen Post von heute!



    Egal welche Hautfarbe, Religion, Geschlecht oder Nationalität - ich habe mit fast keinem Menschen Probleme. Probleme habe ich nur mit A....löchern!
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