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Gutes Hotel und tolles AmbienteSchöne und saubere Hotelanlage, nettes und hilfsbereites… weiterlesen
Vanessa (19-25)
Juli 2022
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"Gutes Hotel und tolles Ambiente"
Vanessa (19-25) Verreist als PaarJuli 2022
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Gutes Hotel und tolles AmbienteSchöne und saubere Hotelanlage, nettes und hilfsbereites… weiterlesen
Vanessa (19-25)
Juli 2022
5,0 / 6,0

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Informationen des Hoteliers zu Corona-Maßnahmen

Update: 2021-06-04

Dear guests,

Thank you for choosing the COSTA LINDIA RESORT hotels for your holiday. We, management and staff, have taken all necessary actions and will make any possible effort to ensure you have happy and relaxing vacations with protection of your own health and that of our employees. With your understanding and cooperation, your stay with us during this summer, under the Greek sun, by the sea and our pools, at our restaurants and bars will be again a uniquely enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Our resort meets and complies with all specifications and health protocol conditions established by Greek law for the operation of tourism enterprises and measures to be taken for protection against the Covid-19 corona virus. It has received the special “Health First” certificate from the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and the “CovidClean” Certificate from the Safe hotels certification company.

Please take a little time to review carefully the instructions and information included in the action plan for prevention of Covid-19.
1. Maintain physical distancing (minimum 1,5 meter) in all public areas of the hotel, when arriving and throughout your stay. Use online check-in by using the mobile concierge app on your smartphone or tablet. Try to reduce the time you spend at reception or other enclosed common spaces to the minimum needed. Avoid crowding in the restaurants at opening time and around the buffet, at the reception lobby, at the bars, swimming pools and the beach, the amphitheater and sports areas. You are on holiday, please relax. Phone the reception desk or use the mobile concierge app to book a table at one of our restaurants for dinner, to report a problem in your room, to request housekeeping or a change of linens/towels, or to call a taxi. Wait for our service staff to serve you your drinks at the restaurants and bars. Stay with your own party, family and friends as far as possible.

2. Follow all other basic measures to prevent transmission of Covid-19: hand hygiene, frequent use of sanitizer available in all common areas, avoid handshakes, avoid touching your face with your hands.

3. When registering, please provide all personal information (full name, nationality, address, mobile phone number, e-mail) and provide consent allowing us to keep the information in our records so we can contact you in the event there is a case of Covid-19.

4. Avoid using the lifts. At our hotel, the most you have to walk up, with few exceptions, is one floor (3 meters). Keep lifts free for use by those who really need them (elderly, persons with disabilities). If you have to use the lifts, share them only with your party.

5. Please allow our staff to take your temperature as part of random sampling when arriving and during your stay.

6. If you feel unwell and particularly if you have any respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, difficulty of breathing) or fever in particular, contact reception immediately and stay in your room. The doctor working with our hotels will contact you. The same applies if you are found to have a fever at any random testing by our staff.

1. All of our employees have been trained in preventive measures to protect against Covid-19, depending on their duties and area of responsibility.

2. All of our employees are submitted to temperature control daily.

3. All of our employees use personal protective equipment (face masks for everyone; additionally, gloves for kitchen and buffet staff; gloves, gown, closed shoes for housekeeping staff).

4. A record with all personal information is kept for all our employees.

1. CHECK-IN time: 15:00 – CHECK-OUT time: 11:00
2. When you arrive, you will leave your luggage in the lobby; you will receive an all-inclusive bracelet immediately and instructions for online check-in through the mobile concierge app on your smartphone or tablet. You register and provide all the information you are asked for as you wait outdoors or at one of our bars enjoying a drink. As soon as your room is ready, you will receive a message to return to reception, pick up your room key card, pay the overnight stay tax, rent a personal safe if you like, and then the groom will take you to your room.
3. To check-out, you only need to leave the safe open in your room and return your room key card to reception by placing it in the special disinfection container. Please wait for the departure bus in our outdoor areas.

1. Your room has been disinfected, cleaned, aired and has remained empty a long before your arrival. Unfortunately, all decorative bed coverings and cushions, magazines, amenities, coffee – tea facilities and not essential items have been removed.
2. The air condition in you room has been maintained and the filter has been washed and disinfected.
3. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to arrange a room change this year, but only in exceptional cases.
4. Your room will be cleaned, and sheets and towels changed only upon your request. Please phone reception or use the mobile concierge app.
5. If something in your room is not working, phone reception or use the mobile concierge app.

1. When you arrive at the buffet restaurants, our staff will seat you at your table preferably in the open terraces, where you will wait to be served coffee, tea or other beverage. A maximum of 6 persons are allowed to sit at each table. You will enter in the buffet area after disinfecting your hands with the hand sanitizer at the entrance. You can select what you would like from the buffet and our staff will serve your plate. If you would like to visit the buffet again for another course or dessert, ask a member of staff to accompany you.
2. All drinks at the bars are served in disposable glasses. Snacks are provided in individuals packs. Avoid crowding around bars as you wait for service. Order a drink from your table instead.

1. Our swimming pools are continuously cleaned, chlorinated and inspected in accordance with all specifications established by Greek law.
2. Sunshades and sunbeds at the pools and beach have been placed in line with the regulation of the minimum distance of 2 meters between the sunbeds under two different sunshades. Please do not remove sunbeds unless you can be sure that the minimum distance of 2 meters from the sunbeds at the adjacent sunshade is maintained.
3. Sunbeds and tables at the pools and beach are cleaned and disinfected daily.
4. Always cover sunbeds at the pools and beach with your towels.
5. Always shower with soap and shower gel before and after using the pools at our resort.
6. Enter the pool only during opening hours and maintain physical distancing from those not in your party.
7. There is a maximum number of people allowed to be in the pool at the same time (one person per 5 m2). In the event this limit is exceeded at one of our pools, our staff may ask you to use another one of the many pools of our resort.

1. When entering the spa and fitness center, disinfect your hands with the hand sanitizer at reception. Avoid using the fitness center at the same time as other guests who are not in your party. All Spa or wellness services have to be adapted to the social distancing and rest hygiene regulations (only single appointments are possible. Sauna, hamam, Jacuzzi are not offered this year.)
2. For this year, only a soft animation program is planned to ensure compliance with physical distancing rules. There will be no Greek nights. You may watch our evening shows at the amphitheater, seated as indicated to maintain safe distancing. There will be no music, beach volleyball or other games at the beach. The sports program will take place while maintaining safe distancing and outside the pool only (no water gym). Sports activities which require close body contact have to be avoided.
3. The indoor children’s playroom and covered water slide will remain closed this year. The Mini Club will take place outdoors only.

We wish you a safe and pleasant stay.

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5,1 / 6
Sport & Unterh.
Vanessa (19-25)
Verreist als PaarJuli 20222 Wochen Strand

Gutes Hotel und tolles Ambiente

5,0 / 6
Monika (51-55)
Verreist als PaarMai 20222 Wochen Strand

Ein wunderschöner, mediterraner Irrgarten

6,0 / 6
Karina (41-45)
Verreist als FamilieJuli 20221 Woche Strand

Hotel hätte Potenzial es müsste aber was gemacht

4,0 / 6
Andreas (36-40)
Verreist als FamilieJuli 20221 Woche Strand

Ein sehr schöner Familie Urlaub!!!

5,0 / 6
Anna-Lucia (31-35)
Verreist als FreundeJuni 20221 Woche Strand

Malerische Hotelanlage direkt am Meer

6,0 / 6
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Familie Sonneberg am 7. August 2022
Ri am 27. Juli 2022
Doreen am 20. Juli 2022

Unsere gebuchte Zimmerkateg. ist Doppelz. Gartenbl..Wo befinden sich diese?Ist die orangene Rutsche in Betrieb?Kann man so gut Schopen wie in der Türk

Ulrike am 21. Juli 2022
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